Friday, February 22, 2013

For Breakfast Today? Green Eggs and Spam

That looks ... disgusting.

I keep hearing that Google, Yahoo, and other such web entities are intuitive - like the way Facebook knows to put jewelry and bead ads on my Facebook page.

That's why I am continually amazed at the e-mail spam I get - the spamming community is convinced I am a guy, I think - I get hundreds of e-mails for penis enlargement, Viagra (and other "performance enhancement" drugs), etc, a day. I periodically close e-mail accounts and open new ones, but am never spam-free for long.
Wish I could figure out who keeps selling my e-mail addresses; it's not like I'm visiting porn sites.

But anyhoo - I had to laugh at the latest one to hit my inbox:

It's from "Secret Wife Affairs", and the subject line? "Why wait? Have an affair with a cheating wife today."


It just makes me wonder:
  • Did all the cheating wives get together and form their own online business?
  • Why do these spammers think I am the target demographic for this?
  • Why are they yelling?
  • Is this type of spamming lucrative?
  • Who would click on this e-mail?
Not me.

But - if you feel left out because you aren't getting fantastic offers like this, just drop me a comment with your e-mail address, and I'll be happy to forward this one directly to you*! No charge!

*Not really. Find your own spam.