Monday, January 30, 2012

Facebook and Me

Did y'all see this?

The Anti-Social Network: By helping other people look happy, Facebook is making us sad. It's a Stanford University study which was released earlier this week, and I found it interesting, as it put some metrics, science, and validation to the vague feelings of isolation and sadness I experienced almost everytime I used Facebook.

I quit using Facebook about 3 months ago during a period when my computer crashed, and I went for almost a week without access. And didn't miss it one single bit.

For one thing, Facebook sucked up a HUGE amount of my time - posting, promoting, and trying to keep other with other folks' activity and posts. It was an endless time suck.

But additionally, I had been telling friends how disconnected and isolated I felt when I would post something, and my posts would (seemingly) go unnoticed, as they failed to garnish that little "like", or any comments, from anyone. Meanwhile, I'd see other Facebook "friends" posting about changing the toilet paper roll in the bathroom, or something equally (or worse, even more inane) and garnering 75 likes and scads of comments, and I'd really start doubting my sanity (and popularity) How high school and clique-y.

So when I had computer access again, I just didn't go back. A got a few Etsy convos and e-mails inquiring about my health (thanks, friends!), but I basically quit Facebook. I go there every few weeks and post something, but Facebook is really off my radar, and I am OK with that!

And now this mandatory timeline stuff - Facebook is just far too invasive. See ya!


Maggie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one to jump fb's ship and feel the benefits. It's been four months or so since I left and I find myself having the freedom to actually participate in life rather than just kind of watch it on fb. Not a healthy place. Yes, a bit like high school and so easy to be drawn in. Congrats on escaping with your sanity.

Sweet Freedom said...

Hold on, there, Maggie - I never said I was sane!

Maggie said...