Friday, June 6, 2008

Turquoise Wire Wrapped Bracelet

So, this is a new wire-wrapping design for me.

I wanted to be able to incorporate my favorite beads in with the wire designs.

I decided to take some photos as I progressed, which actually turned out to be a great idea, because when I made the second one, I saw some opportunities for improvement.

After cutting and cleaning the wire, I strung the beads, and began to form the basic skeleton of the bracelet.

I knew this was harder than in should have been, and saw why when I went back to look at the photos - I should have made the outer frame bigger than the inner frame.

I struggled to make everything fit between the frames, and to line up, finally securing it all with tape.

I started at one end, and began to wrap the bundle, placing 3 beads in every bundle.

Then I got to the end of the bundle, and only had room for 2 more beads! So much for measure twice, cut once. Obviously, I was off on the measuring -

But, as you saw in the first photo, it still turned out pretty well, and now that I saw the error of my ways, I sat down and made on with copper beads.

I did a better job of measuring and placing the beads, too -

And I love the way it turned out. I love mixing different metals together!
I wonder what beads I should choose next time....?


Melody said...

Great post! I love the step-by-step, thanks so much for doing it for us! And a beautiful bracelet at the end.

Sweet Freedom said...

Thanks Melody - I'm all about the process!

Carol Dean said...

Love the design! Would this work with beaded beads (specifically, peyote tubes)? I think it would be TOO cool to combine the two techniques. Just a thought ;)

Sweet Freedom said...

ooooooh - what a great idea - do I smell a collaboration?