Sunday, June 29, 2008

This Lamp Rocks!

So, I have really bad eyes...

I have a really hard time working with seed beads (but I LOVE beadweaving!), and finding the holes in beads, and seeing the right spot to open jumprings (hello, chainmaille!).

And this despite wearing glasses AND an optivisor!

So imagine my delight at discovering this fabulous lamp!

It concentrates light on my work, but when you flip up the little cover, it magnifies the work 5 times! It is unbelievably fantastic!

It's made by Sona Electronics, and I worship this lamp! And this is an unpaid endorsement, by the way...

It doesn't put out enough light for my purposes - what it produces is directly concentrated on whatever is directly below the lamp - it doesn't radiate outward to light the rest of my work area, so I use it along with my Ott Light, but that is no biggie.

If you have trouble seeing your projects - whatever they are - I cannot say enough about this wonderful lamp!

The gooseneck is really flexible, and stays wherever you put it.

And the light emanating from the lamp isn't hot - so your hands and your work don't heat up.

And I'm so excited about a little "family reunion" I'm experiencing on Etsy! A group of delightful folks I met last year in the forums had disbanded in January, but now we have started our thread up again, and it is so much fun!

Hi you guys - you know who you are!


Jean Hutter said...

This lamp look great - I am having trouble seeing too and I know it is not going to get better! I think I will look into getting it when I get back from vacation. I am doing more and more elaborate beadweaving projects and have now started bead embroidery so any help I can get will be wonderful. I see you are no longer in the EBW team - I always liked your work.

Anonymous said...

What a cool find! I've seen these advertised in the magazines and people swear by them - always nice to hear a review by a friend though!

Sweet Freedom said...

Thanks Jean - I think you'll enjoy the lamp. I can't believe what a difference it makes for me!

Sweet Freedom said...

It really is a great find, Sharon!

I adore mine!