Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Woven Bracelet

This is a beautiful new bead-woven bracelet, available in my Etsy shop ( ). I enjoy tackling new patterns and stitches, and this one proved to be a bit of a challenge!

After stringing a row of core beads on SoftTouch, the beadweaving began. The base is multiple rows of size 11 seed beads, for which I chose seafoam green, one of my favorite colors. It took a couple of days to get all these rows laid down, what with having to deal with all the knots (I hate having to restart thread in a project, so I tend to use a really, really long thread!)

Once the base is finished, a sort of modified brick stitch is used to create a fringe (seen in metallic pink on this bracelet). This was where things got complicated. The opposing peaks of the fringe had to face opposite directions so that when the Swarovski crystals were sewn in, they would meet correctly. Not fun! Not only that, but the fringe had to be reinforced - meaning I had to go through all the 11s twice, so that they would stay on top of the seafoam green beads, rather than dropping below the thread bridges.

Now it was time to add the crystal embellishment. I had chosen beautiful sapphire satin Swarovski bicones, and I think the color combination is gorgeous. Each bicone was attached to the opposing fringe tips by going through these 11s for a third time - getting tight in there!

After embellishing, the bracelet was crimped, and a sterling silver toggle closure was added. The bracelet is surprisingly supple, for as many beads and stitches as it contains. And it surely sparkles!

I would be happy to re-create this bracelet in other color combinations, and to any length desired - just contact me through my Etsy shop.

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Callooh Callay said...

Beautiful bracelet! I'm very impressed by the patience and precision required in this (if I tried it, it would look like my knitting--lumpy and holey).