Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

I am SO close to releasing a new beadweaving tutorial - it just needs to be proofread. That was on my list for today, but I, well ..... just didn't feel like it. It was one of those rainy, take-a-nap kind of days!

So I will get it taken care of tomorrow, and publish my first tutorial of 2016 sometime tomorrow evening. I'll post here and on Facebook to let everyone know, but here is a sneak peak of ONE of the FIVE bracelets included in the tutorial:

More details tomorrow!

Meanwhile, as I was sitting around doing not much today, reading random forum threads on Etsy, I saw some folks talking about their views from Pinterest (y'all know I have a bit of a Pinterest addiction.....), and one poster commented that she'd had only a handful of views from Pinterest for the whole year, and didn't know if Pinterest was worthwhile. I got curious, because Pinterest is always my #2 source of views, after views from Etsy itself.

Of course, I post on Pinterest because of my little addiction, far in 2015, I have had 4802 views from Pinterest! I wish I had more information ... like a way to know how many of those converted to sales, but I don't.

Anyway - have a fantastic and safe New Year's Eve, and best wishes for 2016!


Karin Slaton said...

Will this rain ever end??? Love all the shapes in the new bracelet...and those colors! Pinterest is my number one source directing traffic to my blog. And I am only a sometime pinner. It's one of my goals this year to expand my presence. Of course, I have a loooong way to catch up with you!! Happy New Year. Hope to head your way soon!

Sweet Freedom said...

Thanks, Karin - Pinterest can be very addicting! And don't forget, I have pinned some things from your blog, and I'm sure others have, too!

Hope to see you soon!