Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Earring Designs

In between juggling other projects, I created 4 pairs of earrings over the last couple of weeks. These designs were developed to deal with an inventory problem: I had about 18 feet of gorgeous Vintaj Natural Brass chain whose links were too tiny for any matching jumprings I have or could make (without breaking down and ordering WIRE, which I didn't want to do, because then I would end up with a bunch of small gauge wire I didn't need!).

Adding fringe to the bottom of these earrings seemed like a perfect solution! And I have enough chain left over to make one more pair - just trying to decide which beads to use for the last pair!

All of these are available on Etsy.


BackstoryBeads said...

Now THIS is the way to make a statement with fringe! Really loving those raku colored dangles. (Great photos!)

Sweet Freedom said...

Thanks, Karin - means a lot!