Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Beadwoven Earrings: Celtic Stars

I fell in love with this basketweave design when I saw it on Backstory Beads back in early February, and immediately dashed off to purchase the Gwen Fisher tutorial. When I finally had time to try the pattern last week, I purposely didn't go back and look at Karin's post again, because I didn't want to be influenced by her always fantastic color choices!

The earrings are almost entirely 15/0s, but also call for a few matching 11/0s in each color choice, as well as 8/0s in one of the colors, so my color combos were limited by which colors I had all 3 sizes in, that also went well together!

For the first pair, I tried to summon Spring (it was 38 degrees outside on the morning I decided to stitch this pair):

Pastel pink, green, and purple basketweave/Celtic Star beadwoven earrings

I am not really a pastel person, so while these earrings are pretty, they just didn't do it for me, so I tried again:

Black, red, and gray Celtic Star Earrings

Of course, I absolutely LOVE this pair!

The design is created by stitching each individual color strip, and then weaving the 3 strips together, basketweave-style, before closing them. The resulting design reminds me of a Celtic Star!

Both pairs are available in my Etsy Shop; the pastel pair is here, and the black and red pair is here.

Note: Gwen's tutorial gives me permission to sell pieces I create from her tutorial.

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BackstoryBeads said...

Aren't these just pure fun to create? I especially love the first pair because of the connection to nature (shivering shamrocks, where is Spring!) And that second pair - gotta appreciate its bold geometry!