Friday, January 4, 2013

Well, this is horrifying

And yet it made me laugh. Out loud.

I monitor the stats for this blog - watching for search terms that bring people here, primarily. Referral sources, too. And I have seen some really bizarre Google searches bring people here over the years - I wish I had kept a list!

This morning, when I checked my stats, I saw that someone had landed on my blog (this post, in particular) after searching Google using this phrase: "table set up for Baptism". I instantly knew they had been sent to my post on my trip to Florida learn Torch Firing (enamel), because Baptism is not a term I have a lot of call to use on this blog! And that trip was literally a Baptism by Fire, since I came home with a second degree burn as a souvenir (and some enameled beads, too).

So I decided, just for fun, to see what else came up during a Google Image search for "table set up for Baptism". Imagine my surprise to see that the photo I took of the class set-up for the Torch Firing, with the huge white tables, and all the propane torches, was the number one hit. All those pink and white and frilly, balloon-festooned, cupcake-covered party tables, and then mine, with all the propane torches and mandrels (skewers?) No wonder people click it - they must wonder what kind of horrible Baptism rituals we are doing on that sacrificial altar!

I researched the phrase just now, trying to nab the link for this post, and the photos have shuffled around again, and mine isn't number one anymore. :(

You guys need to click the link and then click my photo, and bring me back to number one! Leave a comment on that post - that raises my ranking even higher! I want to be the number one Baptism table again!


dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

Oh my this is too funny...although I did not think it was funny when you burned your finger. Fun trip.

dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

I clicked on your link and there is actually a roasted pigs head!! said...