Monday, October 10, 2011

BSBP Revisited

I wanted to visit the Bead Soup Blog Party (BSBP) one more time, this time giving you a look at my favorites, in no particular order. I hope you'll take some time to visit their blogs and read how these creations came to life! (Note: these photos and all rights to them belong to these talented designers!)

I love this multistrand necklace created by Tiffany Long of Glory Hound Designs:

These colors are so delicious, and I love how she put the softness of the flowers with the hardness of the chain, and then added the colorful, whimsical silk ribbon at the back. And of course, all the embellishments! This reminds me of the multistrand dragonfly necklace I designed a few months ago; all the beads and chain and embellishing - I love making complex pieces like this, and I appreciate the time and effort Tiffany put into her gorgeous design, and I could definitely see myself wearing it!

Feast your eyes on this beautiful design, by Manuela Wutschke:

I love how Manuela started with the beautiful silver flower and accompanying silver bud, and turned them into a flowing, organic necklace that really looks like she plucked it from a garden! Beautiful blues and greens, and then a little unexpected touch of yellow; and the textures she has used are wonderful - so varied, just like in the garden. And I just have to add how much I enjoyed reading Manuela's design process in her post - she showed her sketches (whereas I did not show mine), and I was struck by how we both seemed to approach our designs in similar ways. I just love reading the gory details that go into jewelry designs!

This beadwoven necklace by Karin Slaton of Backstory Beads couldn't help but make my list!

Her brass flower focal (which looks like a silk flower to me!) is incredible, and she has hand woven these beautiful matching peyote beads and tubes to create a gorgeous necklace. I love her earthy color palette, and I love peyote - there is just so much you can do with this versatile stitch!

And take a look at this beautiful choker, created by Suzann Wilson, of Beadphoria:

Where do I begin? I love working with (and wearing) black, red, and white, and I love pearls - the bigger, the better! And this beautiful clasp - what a find! It makes a beautiful focal! Adding the sparkling crystals gives this a wonderful vintage feel, and it reminds me of the jewelry my grandmother used to let me play dress-up with. And I appreciate the work that goes into getting the strands of a multistrand piece to all be the correct length!

So that is my last look at BSBP - I saw so much beautiful jewelry, and I appreciate all the folks that took the time and effort to read and comment about my creations, and to visit all the other participants!


Maggie said...

Tiffany's necklace was one of my very favorites of the BSBP and your dragonfly necklace has the same wonderful quality to it. I want to try to make something similar, but I am just wanting to do too much of everything lately!

Sweet Freedom said...

Tell me about it, Maggie - I have a finger in every pie, and still a counterful of untouched pies!!

BackstoryBeads said...

Wow! To be chosen as one of your favorite pieces has brightened up this gray, rainy day! As I’ve just recently taken the first steps toward creating my own designs, you cannot know how much your kind words have encouraged me!

Manuela said...

Thank you so much, you are making me so happy.

xxxox Manuela

Lori Anderson, Pretty Things said...

You picked some wonderful ones, and I love how you described them and WHY you liked them!

Kari Carrigan said...

Just stopping by to say you won my BSBP giveaway! Please take a look at my etsy store to pick out the Charmed Pennies you want. :)

I also happen to LOVE Manuela Wutschke's necklace as well!

Thank you!

Sweet Freedom said...

How cool, Kari - I will buzz on over. Thanks!

oooLiekeooo said...

Indeed nice pieces!!