Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Grease is the Word

It has to be said.

It started wh:ile watching "Hawaii 5-0".

Scott Caan is a nice enough looking guy. I mean, he is no Alex O'Loughlin,

(you're welcome) but on the other hand I wouldn't throw him out of bed either, unless, that is, he showed up with this hairstyle he is fond of sporting of late:

Really? Psst ... this is NOT a good look!

But then I remembered the Trumpettes. Well, 2 of the Trumpettes - Eric and Don, Jr (DJ).

At least Ivanka's stylist hasn't steered her down this greasy road.

And then I started seeing it everywhere:

Oh, Zach.

and another Zach



Oh, McGee...


Travolta -- oh wait. That's actually Tony Manero. In the 70s. Nevermind.
Naturally, Brad Pitt has to get in this.

At least, it's better than THESE choices of his:

Gentlemen: Grease is just not the way to go. EVER.

But at least no one has gone HERE lately:

Hope I haven't given anyone any brilliant new ideas.

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