Sunday, August 8, 2010

A finished project

I finally, finally finished this kumihimo necklace - it is gorgeous, and it was a lot of fun to make, but I am NOT a knitter (not that there was any knitting involved) - it's just that I have always been fascinated with this "eyelash" yarn, so I used 3 different colors of it in this necklace (which contains between 18-20 different fibers altogether) - and I quickly learned that after every single half kumihimo stitch, I had to take the beader's awl and tease out all the eyelashes, or else they ended up woven into the inside of the rope - which pretty much defeated the purpose. So I would do a half stitch, then spend 15 minutes teasing out fibers, and then do another half stitch, etc., etc - After about 2 hours, I would toss the thing down, and would take me a week or 2 to get up the courage to start it again.

Sorry - everything looks yellowish in this picture with the mannequin. She is too large to fit in my photo tent, and the light in the room where she is is terrible (or maybe she has jaundice.....)

This rope is the perfect way to show off this huge lampwork bead that I have owned for almost 3 years, and had NO idea how to use - the rope is thick enough to support it while keeping it from sliding around, yet very lightweight - everything just worked out perfectly in this design.

And sometime over the next couple of days I will try to catch everyone up on Gumball, who is doing well!

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