Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some Good News, and Some Bonus Good News

Still am not feeling the best, and yesterday was another exceptionally bad day. I was not really the best representative of my bead store yesterday - it was all I could do to muster a "may I help you", and it was pretty much asking too much for me too actually get up and help anyone!  But today is another day!

I had spend (another) fairly sleepless night Tuesday night - lots of time for thinking. And so around 1 PM yesterday, I phoned the very nice nurse at the PMS office, and told her that I had "accepted in my heart" that the doctor was not going to return my phone calls, so could she please just give him a message. She reiterated, strongly. how "that is JUST not like him," but promised to relay the message.

So I asked her to tell him that I had made an appointment with the surgeon for a consultation, but the earliest the surgeon could see me was the end of June, so could the PMS please just write me enough Rx for the 2 pain meds he had me on, to tide me over until the end of June, and I would never bother him again.

She said she would call him right then and pass that on. Whatever, was my thought.

At 5:30 yesterday, the PMS called me, just as nice as he could be (he always HAS been very nice). And he explained in detail how the neglect to call me had happened, and admitted it was all his fault, and apologized, and then asked me a bunch of questions about my current status. He told me that he wanted to see me in his office first thing Monday Morning (he travels to other states on Wed/Thurs/Fri to see patients, as our town cannot support a full time PMS) so I realized that Monday was the first day he could see me. And he called in more pain meds, and he started me on a huge dose of oral prednisone, which now has me feeling like I could run the New York Marathon, if it weren't fore all the pain I still have.  So maybe things will start to improve. And he was extremely apologetic and empathetic, so I am OK with him now.

And on an unrelated note, first thing yesterday morning a super nice lady came into the shop and fell in love with this:

I fit her well, and she bought it, and turned to her daughter and said, "I deserve it"

So I am going to try to remember that this is a jewelry design blog, and not a bitch fest, and try to return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

And on a side note - a message to my friend Pam (and you know who you are):

Thanks for taking the time to read my drivel, and to visit Bailey.

It is nice to know that someone is reading!

Unlike those other blog awards, where you have to jump through hoops and pick on other unsuspecting souls, etc, just to accept them - this is free.

And don't get me wrong - I appreciate the blog awards that Bailey and I have received over the years, but we just don't have time for that hoopla, so we would feel like big fat cheaters if we just posted the awards.

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