Sunday, March 9, 2008

Halfway There!

I'm working on a new bracelet - this is what it looks like right now. It is another new technique for me: freeform peyote. I was cruising the internet a few days ago, and found a tutorial for this technique, and decided it looked interesting.

It really is fun making random patterns with the beads. I had to make myself stop on the first half, or instead of a bracelet, I would have ended up with a sleeve! It was quite addicting, just adding loop after loop of these gorgeous beads!

I'll work on the second half tonight and tomorrow, and then decide on a clasp, and move on to my next project!

Hurray for me!

Big milestone in my Etsy Shop! I received my 200th heart on March 7th, from the delightful FletcherAvenue. I love and cherish every one of the Etsyians who has hearted my shop!

The Etsy Forums drive me crazy sometimes - lots of bickering and disrespectful disagreeing, and of course there's the ever-present self-appointed Forum Police, who dive in and start correcting and directing left and right, and often don't even agree with each other. Most times I just sit back and read and pop my eyebrows, and laugh. Have to sit on my hands a lot to keep from jumping into the fray.

I really had to sit on my hands this afternoon, when a thread was started about Forum Etiquette, ironically, by one of the most condescending posters I have run into since I joined Etsy. I love some delicious irony in the afternoon! Maybe I'll fix myself a small libation, and see if that discussion has managed to head South yet...

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